2016 Regulatory & Compliance Forum Middle East
Conference Programme 
Regulatory and Compliance Forum 2016
Sofitel, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai 
14th November 2016 

*Please note that the agenda is subject to change 

08:30    Registration 

09:00    Welcome from the chair 
Anneliese Reinhold, general counsel and SVP legal & regulatory affairs, du 

09:10    Keynote address: establishing a global compliance program: the Microsoft experience 
Jeannine D Amico Lemker, assistant general counsel, office of legal compliance, Microsoft Corporation
09:40    Debate: Bring out the sceptics…
For the next 40 minutes, our panel of compliance professionals will debate whether the following statements are correct or untrue. What is your opinion? Join us and get involved in this fruitful discussion based debate. 
1.    Conduct Risk – Is it a new practice or just old news? 
2.    Self-Regulation – Does it actually work or it is misleading corporate and compliance counsel into believing it can be achieved? 
3.    CSR – Is it pointless exercise or does it really change the business for the better? 
Dr. Markus Federle, senior managing director – general counsel & head of compliance, Samena Capital 
Phil Reynolds, of counsel, senior adviser legal & regulatory, Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa 
Marcos Sanz, chief compliance officer, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, General Electric

10:20    Interactive focus groups 
A) Achieving Trust and Compliance in the Cloud 
The cloud is all around us in modern enterprise computing. The shift from traditional on-premises IT to cloud computing presents in-house counsel with compliance and regulatory challenges. There are increasing data security demands and often unique privacy and data protection requirements. Today’s in-house counsel must understand these challenges, explain them to their boards and verify organizational compliance.  In this interactive session, we will discuss the opportunity and impact of digital transformation, the adoption of cloud computing, legal concerns which may arise and how you can create an effective and trustworthy relationship with your cloud provider. 
Dr. Lena El-Malak, attorney, Microsoft Gulf 

B) Common challenges with conflict of interest in the Middle East
Here in this session, we will investigate how you can manage conflicts of interest, how they impact you and the executive team, and address the implication they can have on the effectiveness of compliance teams and corporate boards. Join us to learn what you can do to establish effective procedures for mitigating and managing conflict risk as well as how to improve challenging relationships especially amongst local and international companies.  
Anna Waterhouse, management consultant & former head of legal & compliance, Deutsche Bank MENA
Khalid AlAaseeri, general counsel and chief compliance officer, National Center for Performance Measurement of Public Entities, Saudi Arabia 

C) Money Laundering Trends and Challenges in the Payment Card Industry - MENA  
Companies today are complicated, not just because they conduct different types of business and deliver different and more sophisticated products, but because they are prevalent in different jurisdictions and structured uniquely from their competitors. All of that makes AML implementation very difficult, especially in the payment card industry. Talking from experience, Pavan will cover the latest trends across MENA markets through a mix of case studies and practical discussions. He will address the challenges across Financial Institutions in the implementation of AML programs, tackling challenges, tools to detect patterns, insights into typologies and more. 
Pavan Muttireddy, CAMS, director of AML compliance, CEMEA, Visa 

11:20    Networking and refreshment break  

12:10    Panel 2: The beginning of the end? The Modern Slavery Act (2015) one year on 
The importance of companies demonstrating compliant and ethical treatment of workers in the Middle East has soared in the last few years. Companies are expected to be proactive in implementing preventative measures to protect and encourage their employees. From due diligence within the business and its supply chains right through to the training available to their staff, our panel of international speakers will detail what they have done to tackle modern slavery in their past and current roles and look at what steps have been taken to assess/manage these risks. 
Ross Daines, managing director, Africa, Middle East and Asia, FSI Worldwide 
Dr. Lena El-Malak, attorney, Microsoft Gulf 
Sara Khoja, partner, Clyde & Co 

12:55    Lunch break 

14:00    Interactive focus groups 
A)     Gulf anti-corruption – A step in the right direction  
Corruption is one of the largest obstacles when it comes to doing business in the Middle East. Whether you are a large multinational or a small UAE-owned company, the risk of facing fraud, bribery or corruption is increasingly prevalent. The announcement of the new anti-corruption unit in Abu Dhabi shows us that there is an increased focus on tackling bribery and corruption right across the Gulf, but this doesn’t end here. The rest of the world is clamping down and pushing in-house legal teams to develop a strong set of anti-corruption practices. Here, our local expert, Mustafa Zacour will talk you through the key challenges, latest corruption concerns, and global enforcement implications that you and your companies need to be aware of. 
Mustafa Zacour, head of ethics and compliance, Ma’aden, Saudi Arabi

B)    Internal training and communications – education is key 
How can you educate your employees to understand and buy into internal compliance programs? Are there any new ways of getting people to take part? Looking at the business as a whole our speakers will discuss new and old methods for training and communication and address how you can proactively instill and reinforce a culture of compliance amongst your employees. 
Anjam Akbar, legal director, ethics and compliance, EMEA, Dell Technologies

C)    Investigations interview techniques 
There are many styles, formats, and techniques for conducting investigative interviews, but what are the most effective ways of getting the answers you need? Attend this focused workshop for an insight into effective methods for building a rapport, coaxing information and overcoming challenging subjects as well as various considerations to take into account when performing such interviews.  
Amine Antari, head of compliance investigations, SNC-Lavalin 

15:00    Networking and Refreshment Break 

15:30 Live video interview
He bribed foreign officials, engaged in illegal behaviour, cooperated with international law enforcement, and went to prison. Having that experience behind him, Richard Bistrong will talk about his experience and the challenges he faced both personally and professionally. Don’t miss this insightful interview led by Farida Alkaff. 
Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, former FCPA violator and FBI/UK cooperator
Interviewed by: Farida Alkaff, MENA senior compliance & ethics counsel, Oracle

16:30    Closing remarks from the chairman 

16:45    Close of conference